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Dr Lewis Losoncy

Lewis Losoncy, "The Dr. of Encouragement", is a motivational psychologist and the author of 28 books on encouragement, attitude, leadership, teamwork and building an encouraging culture in your organization. He brought his encouraging messages to all 50 US States, and to over two dozen countries in the world.

If it werent for the customerDr. Lew has appeared on CNN, CBS This Morning, and has been featured in print as varied as The Wall Street Journal, Psychology Today, Working Woman and Prevention. Thousands of sales professionals, school teachers, hairdressers, attorneys, doctors, dentists, nurses and students have been moved to master the powers of encouragement in their personal and professional lives.

His upbeat and inspiring message draws from the wisdom of thirty centuries of philosophy and recent breakthroughs in psychology. The author reminds you of your unlimited resources inside for happiness and success in the form of your strengths, courage, attitude, belief, will, hope, optimism and spirit.

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Some of Dr. Lew's experiences include:

Building encouraging culture in one of North America's largest professional beauty companies, Matrix.

If it weren't for you, we could get along!Bringing encouraging ways together to thousands of employees at SC Johnson.

Keynoting Pennsylvania state attorneys on creating encouraging presentations.

Building encouragement skills in tens of thousands of sales professionals throughout the world.

Inspiring teachers to become even more encouraging with their students to bring out their best.

Working with psychotherapists, social workers and clergy on encouragement psychotherapy.

Talk with or text Dr. Lew at (610) 334-1824
Or email him at llosoncy@aol.com